Home in Exile

India is my second home. I fled Tibet because the Chinese government created so many problems there. Tibetans have been seeking refuge in India for 48 years. It is hard to live here because we are not granted legitimate refugee status. However, since I came to India my life has improved in many ways. Here I am offered a free uncensored education and I frequently can see His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It is hard to find work but I would like to stay here because I can learn so much and I am truly inspired by His Holiness. We have many hardships but I can say I am happy here.

Our History

I took this photo at a special event for Tsongkhapa, the founder of one of the Buddhist sects. Every year we celebrate his life on the day he died. We light many candles in lines around the temple. This way we remember our history.

Chores & Dreams

This is my kitchen where I do all my cooking. I spend most of my free time doing chores. When my friend's children come home for school vacation I cook for them. When I am done cooking I like to call my friends on the phone, watch TV and write in my diary. Sometimes I write about my dreams for the future. Those stories are so long and full of imagination. The best part is once in a while my dreams come true.


According to an old Tibetan saying the rainbow is an auspicious symbol of good luck.

Something Different

It may be hard to believe but this is a photo of a person. She is our English teacher. She always wears clothes like this even in winter. I saw something different so I took this photo.


I took this photo because I like the composition and color.

Hospital Altar

This altar in the Dharamsala hospital is so beautiful and clean. It is an example of a Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Their Lives

This photo is about the life of shoe-shiners. It makes me think about their troubles, concerns and joys. They spend everyday on the street trying to shine shoes. They only earn ten rupies (25 cents) per customer.